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Opinel No.08 Forged Ebony Limited Edition

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This limited edition No.08 knife features a carbon steel blade with a raw "brute de forge" finish that emphasizes the hammered appearance and is ground smooth only at the edge of the blade. Paired with a beautiful ebony wood handle featuring an irregularly faceted texture and a black virobloc locking ring, this forged knife is a nod to the elemental materials it is made of. The blade is forged from high-carbon steel for exceptional cutting performance and sharpening ease.

Only 500 available in the United States. 

This knife includes a custom designed gift box.



Hand wash only. Do not immerse your knife in water, as this could warp the wooden handle. Do not wash the carbon blade by running it under water, simply wipe it down after use. If wet, immediately dry the carbon blade with a soft, dry towel. Lubricating the carbon blade with a food safe oil before closing the knife is recommended (this prevents oxidation). Over time, carbon steel can develop a patina and may possibly show some corrosion, depending on use. 


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