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We have worked hard at Old Souls to assemble a collection of products driven by our shared love for the outdoors and our experiences afield.

When it comes down to it, all we really need out there is a few well-crafted items, that when treated with care, will last. Through quality goods that we can stand by and stewardship for our environment, we aim to distance ourselves from what we have come to view as a disposable retail culture.

Buy it well, buy it once, be an Old Soul. Join us.

 -James, Tara, William, Micki & Stacy


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Dear friends of Old Souls

Our Cold Spring shop is temporarily closed. We look forward to seeing you soon in Cold Spring, hopefully some sunny day this summer.

Until then, join our email list or follow us on the old ‘gram to stay in the know with all things Old Souls.

We will be adding new products to the site and plan to release some special limited edition Old Souls Gear on the site very soon.

Be smart, be safe, be kind.

— The Old Souls Team