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Christmas Island Target multiple species on the worlds largest atoll

An angling adventure in the middle of the South Pacific

Kiritimati, aka Chirstmas Island, is the world’s largest coral atoll comprised of over 33 islands stradling the equator

   *** 2023 DATES TBA ***   

Kiribati, pronounced "Keer-ee-bahs" and known to anglers as Christmas Island or CXI for short, is an isolated island nation that lies nearly in the dead center of the Pacific Ocean. The country is made up of 33 atolls that span the Equator and the 180th Meridian, making it the only country in the world with land in all 4 hemispheres.

Kiribati is a web of seemingly unending flats, lagoons, reefs, and white-sand beaches. This unique geography and the islands remote location combine to forms a massive and pristine saltwater environment that sees little pressure from anglers. Bonefish and Milkfish are abundant, and multiple species of Triggerfish and Trevally, including the Giant Trevally, call these waters home.


South Pacific Ocean - 1400 miles south of Hawaii

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