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AE McSteer Design Leather House Slipper Shoes


This pair of leather house slippers was inspired by a civil war design originally created to utilize leather scraps. The design is simple and sleek, and with AE McAteer's modern update, this is the apex of at-home fashion. The house slippers provide comfort and class in a few simple stitches. They also don't matter which foot you put them on. Just pick which is right and which is left and they'll mold to your feet after a few wears. Put a little history on your feet.

  • Based on a Civil War Hospital Slipper
  • 100% leather
  • Veg tan soles
  • Insoles
  • Handmade in Astoria, New York


About the Brand:

Andrew McAteer is a seventh generation New Yorker and produces everything for AE McAteer in his Astoria studio. His collection of leather and canvas goods shows a mastery of the form and an exciting, creative mind working at the top of his craft.


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