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Filson Wool Jac-Shirt


The Filson Jac-Shirt is an outdoor staple that provides the versatile warmth that only 100% wool can. The fabric is crafted with a tight weave that delivers an optimum balance of breathability and wind resistance while providing durability for decades of service. Wool’s unique structure makes it naturally water-resistant, moisture-wicking and warm even if it gets wet. It also allows wool to release dirt and odors, making care and maintenance an easy matter. For decades, mankind has tried to manufacture fabrics mimicking wool’s performance. The resulting fleeces and soft shells can perform specific functions quite well, but none can provide the all-around performance of nature’s original miracle-fiber.

The design is clean and straightforward, with a straight hem for untucked wear. Made for work and active use, the fit is relaxed for room to move without binding. The chest-pocket buttons are hidden to prevent snagging.

  • Made with warm 100% wool
  • Wind-resistant
  • Insulates wet or dry
  • Serves as a light jacket or heavy shirt
  • Flap-covered chest pockets with hidden buttons
  • Straight hem


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