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Ursa Major Going Places Lip Balm


Protect, soothe, and hydrate your lips with this clean lip balm made for everyday explorers.

Soft, comfortable lips

This lip balm soothes and heals chapped lips on contact, and delivers all-day hydration. It goes on smooth, with a soft, matte finish—you’ll want to keep one in every pocket!

Natural ingredients

Made with a medley of plant-derived healing ingredients including Cupuacu Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba, Shea, Birch, Balsam, and Black Currant.

Protection from the elements

Sustainably sourced organic beeswax offers natural protection against windburn, extreme temperatures, and free radicals (AKA pollution)—so you can explore freely and comfortably. 

Handy tube

Our tube is about 3x the size of a standard lip balm, which means you won’t have to go digging for it in your bag. It’s also made from 100% paper and contains no plastics, to make it a little easier on the Earth.


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