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Yeti Hopper M30 2.0 - NEW


This cooler is great for bringing refreshments for several people for an entire day out in the wild: a beach outing with a group, a road trip meal, or a picnic at the campsite!

Innovative Closure

MagShield Access uses powerful magnets to create an ultra leak-resistant shield that stays open when you need it and seals closed with a gentle push.

Thermal Performance

COLDCELL Insulation uses closed-cell foam technology to lock the cold in and keep your refreshments fresh.


The DryHide Shell is made from a high-density fabric that withstands punctures and UV rays. To help extend the life of the cooler, both the interior and exterior materials are treated to be mildew resistant.

-Empty Weight: 7 lbs

-26 Beer Cans (using 2:1 ice-to-can ratio) 36 lbs of ice (only)

-YETI Recommends: 1 Medium and 1 Large YETI Thin ICE


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